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Naag devta mandir, located in beautiful village samchana distt rohtak. Amazing gardens,pond and interesting historical sites are found on the thirty-five acre site.

Whether you are visiting for the first time or coming back to nag devta mandir we welcome you!


During the battle between Great Arjun and Karan in Mahabharat, A snake king named Takshak, expressed his desire to Karan regarding to kill Arjun(as Arjun killed many snakes during the developent of Inderprasth).

Karan agreed and gave him a chance to do that by...
Naagdev Aarti

Naag Dev aarti sing by Narender Kaushik..

Worship Calendar

The worship calender of Naag Devta :

  • Navmi fair
  • Panchmi Pooja
  • Amvasya Pooja
  • Janmastmi Pooja
Other Places To Visit

Other places to visit in samchana are :

  • Shri Ram mandhir
  • Shri Hanuman mandir
  • Shri Durga mandir
  • Shri Shyam baba mandir
  • Raagni
    Raagni(रागनी) is a memorable event of Naag Devta.On the day of Goga Novmi Ragni competition is execute between many singers.Saang(लोक नाटक) is also highly liked by people becuase it depends upon religious stories.The prices is also distributed by naag dev smiti to raagni singers.पंडित जगन्नाथ जी is country wide famous singer of Naag Dev bhoomi.
  • Wrestling
    Wrestling(कुश्ती) is a famous event of naag dev.The national level wrestling is organised by naag dev smiti on the account of goga novmi.In this event many wrestlers are participate.Naag dev smiti also distribute the prices for 1st,2nd,3rd position of wrestlers to enhance their motivation.
  • Fair
    Novami fair also held in Naag Devta mandir on the day of Novmi.Many stall held on this day.
  • Bhandara
    नागदेव मंदिर मेंलोग अपनी मनोकामना पूरी करनेकेलिए भंडारेका आयोजन करकेतीर्थयात्रियो को भोजन करातेहै। On the day of Goga Novmi samchana village conduct open bhandara for the outsider people who came for naag dev worship.
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